Premiership Footballers on Holiday

Where do Footballers go when the whistle blows, and it’s the end of the Premiership / Champions league football season?

Luxury beach resorts from Design Holidays

Our  blog writers caught up with Design Holidays co founder Johnny Barr to find out where Premiership Footballers go, and what they want from a resort..

Q: Where do Premiership footballers go on holiday?

A: Our 3 most popular resorts for star footballers are 1) Forte Village in Sardinia 2) Sheraton Pine Cliffs – Algarve 3) Aphrodite Hills – Cyprus

Sheraton Pine Cliffs – Algarve

Q: Why do they stay at these resorts?

A: All 3 resorts are unique, let us start with Forte Village which is a sensational combination of 7 hotels with sports facilities to die for all in the most exclusive beach setting – average family holidays start from £5000 per week for a family of 4 including half board in a family bungalow. Our Sheraton Pine Cliffs resort in the Algarve offers a combination of 5 star hotel , luxury residence camping pods to buy and deluxe villas with pools with golden sandy beach and fabulous al fresco restaurants. Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus offers a 5 star hotel Inter Continental Hotel (the Suites with pools on an all inclusive basis are a particular favourite) and the luxury villas with pools offer the ultimate luxury VIP experience.

Q: Which footballers have booked with Design Holidays recently?

A: Design Holidays protect the privacy of each client whether they are famous or not, and that is why we have the trust of our clients to offer them a 5 star resort holiday experience. Suffice to say we have helped the families and footballers of many a top flight Premiership Club this summer , to have a great holiday to look forward at the end of a long and hard football season.

Aphrodite Hills Cyprus – Club Suites with Private Pool

Q: Why is Design Holidays  so well known within the holiday industry for supplying holidays to Premiership Footballers and other famous people?

A: Design Holidays have never intentionally targeted professional footballers, our business in this area has grown purely through recommendation and a couple of years ago we were featured on Sky Sports which created quite a lot of dare I say ‘hype’. Sky Sports Interview Click here

Q: How does a famous Premiership Football make contact with Design Holidays?

A: Quite simply by making contact on email or phone via and we will then appoint them their own reservations advisor who will guide them through our resorts.

Domes of Elounda Crete – one of our up and coming resorts.

Q: Do Footballers not tend to use their agents to book their holidays?

A: No. Almost all holidays are booked by the Footballers wives and the players themselves taking total responsibility for choosing their resort. Each holiday tends to be for the family and thus it is a personal spend for which they take sole responsibility.

Q: Does Design Holidays also help other sportsment with their personal holidays.

A: Yes Design Holidays look after many Olympians, tennis players, rugby stars and have a fair splattering of famous clients booking holidays year round.

Q: Where does the co founder of such a luxury travel brand like Design Holidays go to unwind?

A: I travel a lot so for me the ultimate holiday is going anywhere with my family, much to my wife Christine’s annoyance camping with the children is the current favourite. Our resorts very kindly offer us holidays and we prefer to send our team so they can gain valuable product knowledge of each of our resorts…..

For further information on Design Holidays or where to holiday this summer, please visit or contact our luxury holiday booking team on 01444 87 22 00.

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